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Protected B Compliance

The Canadian government’s security guidance for Canadian government and corporate cloud environments outlines a standardized set of security controls to protect data and workloads in the cloud.

PBMM (Protected B, Medium Integrity, Medium Availability) certification is a point in time. Between certifications, a million things can go wrong. If only certifying annually, compliance debt and security risk can build up. Effective maintenance requires continuous audit, visibility, and ongoing understanding of risk posture.

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  • Curated, ready to use control framework and policy collections to cover Canada Federal Protected B controls
  • Version-controlled control frameworks, policy collections, and policy make it easy to  update and maintain an immutable audit trail as Protected B requirements change
  • Automated Protected B policy checks integrated within CI/CD pipelines prevent deployment of non-compliant configuration and provide developers with real time remediation guidance
  • Post-deployment, runtime monitoring ensures deployed infrastructure remains Protected B compliant, alerting to dangerous changes made outside of approved deployment pipelines
  • Granular risk surface-based approach supports prioritization of risk and remediation by line of business, department, cloud environment type (e.g. sandbox, dev/test, and production), or business application

Protected B Compliance Monitoring with Concourse Labs

Concourse Labs Solution


Avoid Protected B compliance debt buildup between certification

Risk Mitigation

Stop deployment of non-compliant configuration

Realized Value

Preserve Protected B security posture while facilitating cost effective, rapid recertification on demand


Demonstrated proof you are operating in Protected B compliance

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