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Prevent, detect, and correct misconfiguration at every point in the lifecycle.

Visibility and control of cloud risk remains a critical challenge for enterprises. Yet the pressure to move to the cloud continues unabated, with little tolerance for slowing innovation.

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Concourse Labs’ solution employs Policy-as-Code to solve the growing cloud dilemma.

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Instantly benchmark cloud security and compliance

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Rapidly define and automate cloud controls

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Know precisely which controls to apply across the enterprise

Many organizations still rely on spreadsheets to organize hundreds of different controls, a process that’s simply not sustainable or scalable for most organizations. This is where policy-as-code makes its entrance. Policy-as-code can improve security operations, compliance management, data management, and far beyond.

Benefits of Policy-as-Code
The best way to leverage policy-as-code is to adopt tools that natively support policy-as-code. Concourse Labs enables your team to define security policies using code and streamline your organization’s cloud security posture.




Testing and Validation


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Policies as code can be shared and enforced automatically at a virtually unlimited scale. Policy lifecycle management and enforcement are easier because security policies are created, stored, and maintained in a single system and consistent format.


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All stakeholders can readily understand policy design, deployment, maintenance, and enforcement.


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Policy-as-code simplifies collaboration. This encourages collaboration between different teams, especially developers and cyber specialists.

Testing and Validation

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Policy-as-code helps reduce the risk of introducing critical errors to sensitive environments by automating the validation process.

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Gain control of your cloud risk

Manage all of your policies and standards, and apply them automatically without fear. Put the power in your team’s hands with Concourse Labs.