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Secure Kubernetes Environments

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  • Kubernetes has emerged as the prime container orchestration tool, but default configurations are often open and insecure.
  • Just checking container images for CVEs is not enough to protect your infrastructure from vulnerabilities.
  • Designing, developing, and maintaining workload-specific security and network policies is daunting, and container security expertise is hard to find.
  • Microservices and container architectures evolve rapidly. Without automated guardrails it is impossible to ensure continuous security and compliance.
  • Automated Security Checks: Concourse Labs preemptively checks your KRM files, Helm charts, Argo rollouts, and other Kubernetes resources, identifying potential security vulnerabilities before they are deployed. Proactive, preventative controls significantly reduce the chance of deploying insecure infrastructure and applications.
  • Assured Regulatory Compliance: Whether CIS, CSA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, HITRUST, or FedRAMP, Concourse Labs makes sure your Kubernetes resources adhere to industry standard and best practice security controls and policies.
  • Reduced Human Error: Human error can lead to critical security breaches. With Concourse Labs, security becomes codified, minimizing the risk of errors that can compromise your cloud infrastructure and applications.
  • Minimized Remediation Time: Early detection equals early action. Identifying vulnerabilities pre-deployment reduces the time, effort, and cost of remediation.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Security and development teams often exist in silos. Break down the walls with transparent policy and clear, actionable remediation guidance for Kubernetes resources.

Unlock Enhanced Security for Kubernetes with Concourse Labs

Concourse Labs Solution


Increased defense-in-depth guardrails, extended within cluster architectures

Risk Mitigation

Stop deployment of non-compliant configuration

Realized Value

Automated security and policy for K8s architecture, reducing risk of human error and system compromise


Compliance posture reporting demonstrates proof you are operating Kubernetes environments with best practice security controls

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