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Infrastructure-as-Code Security (IaC)

Shift left and prevent cloud risk at every stage without losing control.

Clouds move and change fast. At any moment you could miss something that puts your business at risk. Worse yet, finding exposures at runtime means your cloud infrastructure has already been at risk. Shifting cloud security left seems like the obvious answer.

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With Concourse Labs, the solution is in the palm of your hands.

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Remediate exposure before production infrastructure is affected and applications are deployed.

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Improve the overall security posture of your runtime environment and avoid breaches.

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Achieve compliance by implementing controls and evaluating crucial policies earlier in the lifecycle.

Concourse Labs’ solution enables your team to expand or create their Infrastructure-as-Code, or IaC, security policies, allowing users to view, enable, and customize controls. The ability to spot risks earlier in the development process enables DevOps teams to more efficiently and securely configure cloud resources and deploy applications.

Benefits of IAC Security

IaC security is the foundation for efficient, successful, and secure DevOps deployment strategies. Concourse Labs accomplishes this by empowering developers to integrate security controls into existing workflows without relying on manual checklists or human eyes.

Define Policies

Embrace Automation

Implement Fixes

Embed Visibility

Define Policies

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Automatically and consistently set boundaries before work begins, and deliver critical information for efficient processes.

Embrace Automation

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Embrace security automation to detect, investigate, and fix external threats to applications and systems while speeding up the development lifecycle.

Implement Fixes

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Introduce security into the development process as it occurs, and provide feedback as fast as possible, so your developers can implement fixes with ease.

Embed Visibility

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Ensure that the code is secure during and after its release with constant visibility into your cloud security posture.

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Take a full lifecycle approach to cloud security

Leverage IaC Security for your enterprise with Concourse Labs.