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Concourse Labs pioneered Security-as-Code and is at the forefront of solving the most fundamental and essential cloud risk challenges at enterprise scale.
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Work in Real-Time. Protect at Runtime.

Concourse Labs is the only solution that lets you centrally manage Security-as-Code policies across their full lifecycle. Concourse Labs is also the only solution that enables you to enshrine complex enterprise standards and internal controls as automatable cloud policy. 

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Every team can do their job with zero friction or frustration.
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Developers can work fast with less hassle.
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Security teams can shift left and get their sanity back.

Eliminate Alert Fatigue

Filter out the noise and focus on the findings that matter most by allowing each part of the organization to isolate and remediate risks associated with their particular cloud application and resources.

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Identify and prioritize high-risk violations.
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Increase Team

Dramatically increase your team’s capacity by delegating policy enforcement and risk remediation to front-line experts, while maintaining centralized visibility and control of risk across your entire cloud estate.

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Know the
Business Impact

Immediately know the business impact of systemic risks and hotspots with risk maps that let you view risk through the lens of your organizational structure.

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Gain Immediate Value with Concourse Labs

Learn more about how Concourse Labs can benefit your enterprise and DevOps team.

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