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Security Teams

Respond to change with evolving, lifecycle-managed policy for development and runtime environments

Developers deliver a continual stream of applications and the regulatory landscape and risk vectors continue to evolve. This constant churn requires security teams to quickly respond to changes with new or modified policies for development and runtime environments. Concourse Labs enables teams to easily build new policies without writing code.

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Keep Pace with Cloud Change

Gain control of cloud security via comprehensive visibility of regulatory and control compliance. Move away from point-in-time security snapshots or human-dependent security checklists to persistently secure, auditable processes and environments.

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Prove Risk & Compliance Status

Obtain a clear and provable report and auditable record of the state of security, risk and regulatory compliance, for every resource, on every cloud, at every point in time.

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Know the Status of Every Policy

Make it easy to see the exact state of each policy at every point in time. Know the policy version, status, approval and change audit history.

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Best Practices & Frameworks

Immediately assess how cloud infrastructure configuration measures up against enterprise cloud best practices and industry standards with Concourse Labs’ curated, out-of-the-box and client built policy libraries.

Prioritize risk posture and continuously prove compliance…

Eliminate Chaos and Establish Policy

Know your cloud risk the moment they happen and change policies as needed.

Build Policies Without Code

Apply Context to Policies

Discover Hidden Attack Paths

Build Policies Without Code

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Build complex security policies with no-code GUI, or customize pre-defined policies and industry frameworks such as CSA CCM or CIS Benchmarks with Concourse Labs.

Apply Context to Policies

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Eliminate false positives and reduce risk exposure, from overly permissive policies, by ensuring that the right ones are applied to the right cloud services, based on application, business unit, geography, regulatory jurisdiction or functional context.

Discover Hidden Attack Paths

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Continuously evaluate cloud assets and usage against every policy to identify drift. Get continual updates on violations, including their age and remediation status.

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