Security-As-Code: Explained

The Best Approach to Securing Cloud Workloads and Data

Improve Cloud Security Effectiveness, Reduce Cost and Complexity, and Maintain Development Agility

Traditional cybersecurity architectures don’t work with the cloud. Most cloud breaches are caused by misconfiguration, not attack on cloud infrastructure. Legacy security tools were simply not designed to secure modern cloud environments. The evidence is clear from the news: a seemingly endless series of data breaches from companies using cloud.

A new approach to cloud security is needed. Concourse Labs is pleased to be the innovator in Security-as-Code, the most effective way to secure cloud applications and data.

The Security-as-Code approach defines security and control objectives as code, and automatically applies them to ensure cloud services are configured and used securely. This novel approach is based on the following key principles:

  • Creating security policies as code.
  • Managing policy throughout its full lifecycle, in a manner analogous to how modern application code is developed, tested, and managed.
  • Thorough testing and quality assurance of security policies before they are deployed.
  • Seamless integration of security controls into continuous development and delivery pipelines, shifting security left.
  • Continuously monitoring cloud runtime environments for compliance with security policy.
  • Delegating and tracking remediation activity and automatically revalidating changes.

Concourse Labs instantiates these key principles in an easy-to-use and quick to deploy SaaS platform that enables any organization to quickly and confidently understand, improve and manage its cloud security posture. With Concourse Labs and our Security-as-Code approach organizations can:

  • Prevent the #1 cause of cloud data breaches.
  • Implement effective, scalable, and customized cloud security in days.
  • Immediately measure security posture against industry standards and best practices.

The Most Powerful Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP)

Security-as-Code enables, for the first time since the advent of cloud, a truly effective approach to cloud security, grounded in security policy and automation. To enable CISOs to see and manage their cloud risk, these capabilities must be incorporated into a comprehensive platform providing visibility and protection across the enterprise. Fragmented tools create gaps – often hidden – and expose enterprises to security breaches.

This single integrated platform improves the effectiveness of both security and development teams, reduces cost and complexity, and maintains development agility.

Concourse Labs comprehensive CNAPP platform includes:

  • Protection across the full application lifecycle, from development to runtime.
  • Security for applications deployed via approved CI/CD pipelines and those created through unauthorized processes.
  • Consistent protection across diverse cloud environments.
  • The richest Security-as-Code architecture, automated industry best-practices and custom enterprise standards.
  • Defense against the widest range of security, resiliency, and regulatory compliance risks.
  • Business context to focus attention on the most impactful violations.

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