Pause for a Cause at RSAC 2021 and Make a Child’s Wish Come True

Little WishesTM First

Concourse Labs is proud to be featured at the RSAC Digital Expo this year. And we’re using the opportunity to raise awareness and donations for Little WishesTM, a Bay Area charity that’s granted over 17,000 wishes to chronically and critically ill children across the USA. Just go to Concourse’s virtual booth, click on the Little Wishes banner, and we will make a contribution to the cause of making a child’s wish come true. (You must be logged into RSAC to access the virtual booth link.)

Every donation helps ease a child’s discomfort and offers a few moments of joy where it’s truly needed. Our current, unprecedented medical crisis has made their mission more vital than ever. So please help us help the children by visiting our virtual booth and registering.

Cloud Wishes Second

Organizations moving workloads, applications and data to the cloud wish they had a unified solution for mastering cloud security, regulatory and operational risks. They wish they could immediately see their cloud assets, know their associated risks, and have a clear path to rapid remediation. And have a way to prevent those risks from ever putting their business in danger.

At our virtual booth, we’ll show you how to make your cloud security wishes come true. You’ll be able to see a demonstration of how Concourse enables you to master cloud risk by letting you quickly see, fix, and prevent it. Or you can chat with one of our experts, standing by to answer your questions.

So please pause for a cause and help a little wish come true. You just might make your cloud security wishes come true as well. Not registered. Get a FREE Digital Expo Pass on Concourse Labs.

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