Infrastructure as Code Has a Dark Side. This Infographic Sheds Some Light.

Infrastructure as Code — IaC — is powering the cloud, enabling DevOps to scale public cloud applications quickly and efficiently. As organizations accelerate their cloud usage to virtualize their businesses in response to an extended global health crisis, speed tends to trump security, while also increasing the probability for error.

But with faster speed comes greater risk. Self-servicing cloud engineers can create tens of thousands of cloud-based assets every day — and inadvertently create thousands of vulnerabilities that no one even knows about. The result? Some 70% of companies reported cloud breaches in the last year.

Our infographic, Infrastructure-as-Code’s Dark Side, illuminates the reasons this is happening and identifies the risks that can put your business in harm’s way. When you’re ready, Concourse Labs can also show you how to manage this most pervasive cloud security risk by identifying IaC vulnerabilities during development and continuously at run time.

Learn more about the key risks associated with IaC and practical tips for demonstrating your cloud security and compliance posture in our free solution brief.

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