How to Master Cloud Risk. See it. Fix it. Prevent it.

As businesses accelerate their cloud usage to power their digital transformation, large and complex new development projects are also accelerating. But rapid cloud development creates risk and security problems most companies are ill-equipped to handle. It’s why 80 percent1 of organizations have suffered a cloud breach. And why cloud misconfigurations have helped expose more than 30 billion2 records last year alone.

Do-It-Yourself Cloud Governance is a Problematic Solution

Clearly, businesses need effective cloud governance from the outset, and many, organically, take it on themselves. But amid all that new development, does it really make sense for a company to — simultaneously — start building their own in-house cloud governance regime as well? Especially when they’re new to it? And when it can be a 1-to-2-year project, provided they can even find the scarce, cloud-native security expertise it would take?

A Fundamentally Different Cloud Governance Approach is Needed

To fully master cloud risk, organizations need a fully automated and integrated solution that provides instant visibility into all cloud risk and usage. An approach that prevents mistakes and misconfigurations from turning into breaches. That continuously scans for cloud risks during development and at runtime. Removes security as an innovation bottleneck. And that lets companies See, Fix, and Prevent their most critical cloud risks quickly before a disaster occurs.

First, Businesses Have to See Their Cloud Risk and Usage. All of It. Immediately.

With cloud risk, “You can’t prevent what you can’t see.” Yet the combination of legacy tools and cloud-native tools that are a mash-up of different products creates blind spots and coverage gaps — 69% of enterprises3 now have a cloud visibility gap. With an average business generating 3.2 billion4 monthly cloud transactions, that’s a problem. Organizations need centralized, immediate visibility of all cloud assets, usage, and configurations. They need comprehensive defense-in-depth cloud controls and policies to identify risks — policies they can customize without writing code. And the ability to isolate security, business, operations, and regulatory risks by business unit, function, and geography.

Companies Need a Way to Fix What They Find. Quickly.

Fixing cloud risk quickly (much faster than the current 189-day5 average) means knowing where to focus. That requires a solution that can separate the ‘signal’ — genuine risks that need attention, from the ‘noise’ — the 10,000 to 1,000,000 daily alerts that have given 83 percent6 of organizations’ security teams alert fatigue. Once risks are identified, cloud application developers need a clear understanding of the root cause of each one, as well as the exact code and configuration necessary to bring applications into compliance. To help manage cloud risk at scale, they need a solution that identifies precisely who in the organization is responsible for each risk, delegates responsibility automatically, tracks remediation, and reports the cloud-risk state accurately at any point in time.

Prevent Cloud Risk at the Source. Or Pay the Price.

A business will spend 15X more7 to fix a software problem in production than in development. Add in the average cost of a data breach – $8.64 million8 – and the cost to a company’s brand and reputation, and businesses have no choice but to shift left and prevent cloud risk during development. Preventing risks from exposing your business means automatically inspecting and validating complex Infrastructure-as-Code templates. Plus, finding/fixing misconfigs, excess privileges, weak perimeters, and more while giving security teams complete visibility into what’s been fixed. All within your existing CI/CD toolchains and ticketing and workflow tools used for automating and orchestrating risk remediation.

Concourse Labs Introduces an Automated Turnkey Solution That Does All That. And More.

Concourse Labs’ fully automated SaaS solution is a new paradigm in cloud governance and risk prevention. Our expertly developed policies and controls provide full and immediate cloud-risk visibility. Companies can slash mean-time-to-resolution from weeks to minutes. And developers are in control of securing applications by moving checks directly into the CI/CD pipeline. When businesses can see, fix, and prevent cloud risk quickly and categorically, they can pursue their cloud and transformation strategies with confidence and success.

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