A Thank You Message from Our CEO and Co-Founder, Don Duet

A message from our CEO and co-founder, Don Duet, thanking all employees, customers, investors, and board members for setting a strong example of commitment, professionalism, and solidarity during 2020.

This year the world saw the COVID-19 pandemic wreak havoc globally. Living in a time of unprecedented upheaval has become the ‘new normal’, and, as such, I wanted to pause a moment to reflect on 2020 and share a few thoughts.

The first is the pride I feel for what an extraordinary achievement our emergence from stealth was thanks to our employees, customers, investors, and board members. Raising $15.2 million in Series A funding at the peak of a global pandemic was accomplished due to the indisputable need for cloud governance in enterprise organizations. Public cloud has become the core component in business transformation, and effective governance is the key to adopting cloud at scale. COVID-19 has accelerated this by forcing companies to undergo digital transformation efforts and adopt public cloud at a new, rapid pace, without knowing the risks and associated consequences.

This further strengthens my belief that Concourse Labs is uniquely positioned to help enterprises accelerate cloud adoption while reducing risk. Our team is an amalgamation of industry luminaries with direct experience in leading and operating large-scale, mission-critical applications and data in multi- and hybrid-cloud worlds. This rare experience informs us of what ultimately drives success for organizations.

The second is that it is clear 2020 has brought about irreversible changes in the way we think about how we work. In fact, a recent Gartner report cites that 74% of companies plan to permanently shift to more remote work post-pandemic. I am proud of how quickly our employees have pivoted to not only keep themselves safe but also to help our customers succeed through these challenging times. This has brought the Concourse team deeper experience in helping organizations remain resilient in the face of enormous disruption.

To conclude, I would like to leave you with two final thoughts.

First, I would like to address those that have been affected by COVID-19, personally or indirectly. Much of the Concourse team is based in New York, which was an epicenter of the Coronavirus pandemic for many months. I wish everyone a speedy recovery on behalf of everyone at Concourse Labs.

Finally, I would like to again express my genuine thanks to the entire Concourse team – our employees, customers, investors, and board members. Your commitment, professionalism, and innovation, despite these trying times, is nothing short of extraordinary. I am grateful for you all.

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