See, Fix and Prevent Security Risk at Cloud Speed

Integrated platform secures multi-cloud environments during development and runtime.


Automatically prevent security risks in development and continuously assess runtime environments for drift, attack, and misuse.


Spend more time innovating and less time fixing security-related tickets.

Enforce Security Guardrails and Continuously Protect Runtime Environments

Prevent internet exposure, unencrypted data, misconfigurations, secrets abuse, and more from being deployed into code repositories and in production. Concourse Labs’ platform quickly integrates into existing CI/CD toolchains to remove security and compliance friction, so developers can deliver code rapidly and safely. Our agentless technology continually evaluates cloud usage and automatically tests for drift, attack, misconfiguration, and misuse. Get actionable (and auditable) results in seconds, not weeks.

Empower developers with immediate and specific cloud-native guidance, so they can remediate violations without needing security team intervention, and do so using their existing development tools. Fixes are automatically validated for compliance with policy.

Validate complex expressions and eliminate dangerous false negatives by uncovering violations below the root stack that may be hiding within complex nested stacks.

Integrate open-source and cloud service provider scanning tools, such as CFN-NAG, to incorporate existing policy sets. Easily add new internal and third-party policies to protect cloud usage now and in the future.

Substantially shrink exposure windows related to drift, cyberattack, misconfiguration and misuse, by testing cloud assets and usage against every policy continuously. Every few minutes, get a prioritized list of violations so you can quickly respond and limit exposure.

Prioritize Cloud Risks Based on Business Context and Eliminate Alert Fatigue

Security practitioners require context to make intelligent decisions. Concourse automatically identifies and prioritizes high-risk violations that have the greatest potential impact to the business. Concourse Risk Surfaces™ enable CISOs to delegate policy development and remediation while maintaining centralized visibility and control, and allows different policies to be applied based on the unique and varied needs of individual business units, applications, regulatory jurisdictions, and regions.

Eliminate false positives and reduce risk exposure from overly permissive policies by ensuring that the right policies are applied to the right cloud services, based on application, business unit, geography, regulatory jurisdiction or functional context.

Delegate policy authoring and approval to front-line leaders, enabling them to customize policies for the specific needs of their business or function, while ensuring adherence to corporate mandates and transparency across the enterprise.

Clearly identify high-risk vectors that have the greatest potential impact to the business. Reduce mean time to resolution by filtering out the noise and letting everyone, at every-level, focus on the violations that are most critical to them and their area of responsibility.

Automate Cloud Security with the Most Advanced Policy System

Achieve cloud security automation at scale by expressing policy and control objectives as code. Concourse’s policy engine enables security and compliance teams to keep pace with the speed and scale of agile DevOps practices, while ensuring policies are well managed throughout their lifecycle. Concourse Labs advanced no-code, low-code options enable security practitioners to create and customize complex security policies without writing code or becoming cloud experts.

Pick cloud service properties in native CSP terminology from a list, to easily build new policies or customize pre-defined policies or industry frameworks, such as CSA CCM or CIS Benchmarks.

Extend policies beyond testing the configuration of a single cloud service and automatically validate the interaction and state of any connected service. Uncover risks buried deep within cloud service layers, with multi-dimensional polices that automatically correlate hundreds of diverse control checks across dozens of different cloud services.

Prove the exact state of each policy at every point in time. Know the policy version, status of approval and who made what changes - without ambiguity - with an authoritative repository of all cloud policies.

Gain instant access to new or updated cloud service properties and eliminate uncertainty in policies and their evaluations with direct access to cloud service provider native type systems.

Immediately assess current cloud usage and be confident that it is consistent with industry best practices and standards spanning security, resiliency, and regulatory compliance.

Create policy and make policy changes independent of application and infrastructure code. Ensure cloud application risk assessments automatically keep pace with new threat vectors and regulatory compliance changes, without changing the code.

Additional Cloud Control Benefits


Gain Comprehensive Visibility

Get complete visibility of all cloud asset usage and state, sourced directly from cloud service providers. Our agentless technology provides coverage of all resources including those with brief lifespans, without risking data privacy.


Delegate remediation to front-line experts

Automatically assign every risk an owner and centrally track its remediation. Empower developers and operators to self-service violations, while providing enterprise-wide visibility of remediation burndown and current risk.


Prove compliance at every point in time

Obtain a clear and provable report and auditable record of the state of security, risk, and regulatory compliance, for every resource, on every cloud, at every point in time. Test new policies and policy changes against historical records before they are deployed, to avoid unplanned disruptions.


Unify multi-cloud security and risk management

Improve efficiencies and increase security effectiveness with a single solution that unifies all multi-cloud assets and their associated risks and governs them with a universal library of policies and a common robust set of role-based access controls.


Accelerate risk investigation and remediation workflows

Automate security investigation and remediation workstreams and get instant alert notifications with direct API-level integration into a variety of email, ticketing, workflow, CI/CD, SIEM and SOAR applications and services.

Rapid Deployment with Immediate Value

See the current state of cloud risk within hours. By evaluating cloud usage against preconfigured best practices and industry standards, Concourse enables organizations to see risks that may imperil the business, evaluate them, and assign remediation responsibility. Customers typically gain this level of visibility within 24 hours of deploying Concourse.

One customer, a major financial services institution, reported Concourse delivered 1,000% ROI within months of deployment, saving the need to hire new security personnel by automating security evaluations.

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