Enterprise Cloud Governance

Unleashing Enterprise Cloud Adoption

Despite huge benefits, enterprises struggle moving to the cloud. Research shows most large enterprises run less than 10% of their applications on public cloud. Using cloud requires companies ensure their enterprise policies are properly implemented, they understand and can manage their risk, and that the enterprise is in control of their data. Until now, there were no effective solutions to this.

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Comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management

Most enterprises try to tackle these challenges by applying tools and approaches from the last century to today's cloud infrastructure. The result is often the worst of both worlds. Security teams are saturated and can take weeks or months to review and check compliance of application releases, making agile processes very slow indeed. Yet breaches still happen because the processes are manual and rely on people to accurately complete repetitive and precise tasks.

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A Cloud-Native Approach to Governance

Concourse has created a governance architecture designed for cloud, so you know and can control what actually happens in your clouds. Concourse automates today's manual governance processes, letting companies safely operate at cloud scale and speed. Concourse uses code, not people, to validate that applications are compliant with enterprise policies and controls, both when they're built and continuously during runtime. And Concourse provides the enterprise with a comprehensive, accurate, and always up to date understanding of its risk posture.

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Empowering Developers

Concourse integrates into the CI/CD toolchain to give developers instant verification that their applications meet corporate policies and controls. In the event of a problem, Concourse identifies the specific problem areas developers need to remediate and suggests specific solutions, making the delivery of secure and compliant code simple, quick and effective.

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Making Security Teams Heros

Security teams are critical to protecting the enterprise, but they are swamped, and often the bottleneck to cloud usage. Instead of forcing scarce security experts to review every application, Concourse enables security teams to validate the policies and controls, and uses these to automate the testing of each application. This is a game changer, dramatically improving productivity while reducing risk from human error. By automating application validation, Concourse frees security teams to focus where their skills are most needed.

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Industry Leaders in Cloud Governance

The Concourse team has been pioneering enterprise cloud adoption from the very beginning. Their insight, best practices, policies and controls is now available to organizations of all shapes and sizes, across all industries, as an out-of-the-box SaaS solution.

Supporting the Broad Range of Cloud Technologies

Concourse covers a wide and ever expanding range of cloud platforms and technologies, including AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, microservices and serverless computing such as Lambda. It supports applications written using IaaS and PaaS platforms. And Concourse evolves automatically with the latest services and updates delivered by the major cloud service providers. Concourse is the enterprise governance system designed for cloud.

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