Rich Cloud Security Policy

Thin linings (silver or otherwise) are for actual clouds.

Most solutions today provide generic “inch-deep” starter policies that apply at the highest levels but don’t account for the
substance of real-world cloud development needs. This leaves you and your team struggling to develop the in-house talent
to develop policies unique to your use cases and environments or write a check to costly consultants to do it for you.

In the meantime, your development team is left without the guidance and security guardrails necessary to prevent disaster.

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Develop Your Cloud Policies with Concourse Labs

Concourse Labs allows you to write, adopt, adapt and verify deeply-rich security policies without needing to be an expert at the minutiae level of every cloud platform. And Security-as-Code flexibility allows you to expand them across any other application, cloud environment or business need in real time.

Start from scratch or build on our extensively-curated policy catalog.

Simply pick cloud service properties in native CSP terminology from a list to easily build new policies or customize pre-defined policies or industry frameworks, such as CSA CCM or CIS Benchmarks, or Concourse Labs best practice controls.

Security-Rich in a Few Clicks

Concourse Labs Security-as-Code is simple and self-validating. Your policy authors don’t need to be platform experts in order to create sound, tailored policies for your environments. Unlike previous policy languages, Concourse Labs guides you through the creation and validation of policies without your needing to learn another coding language.

Other Policy

Authors must know resource types, properties, and string values and write the policy logic with no way to validate them.

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Concourse Labs Policy

Concourse Labs automatically aggregates and verifies all available resource types and parameters in the cloud’s native language.

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Context-Aware and Smart Logic

Apply the right settings for the environment and data. Most cloud security policies continue to be expressed as simple statements that miss the complexity of enterprise context. They act more like blanket “On/Off” edicts or firewall settings, applying the most-restrictive setting. This hampers both development and productivity.

Concourse Labs’ policy architecture allows the policy to apply the correct settings for the location, environment, platform, business case, and even down to the data context — without your needing to think through all the contingencies or individual settings.

Example Enterprise Policy Document Statement

“Ensure all production data associated with HIPAA-compliant applications in the US are encrypted, are not accessible to the internet, the keys are stored in an approved HSM, and the keys are rotated according to corporate policy.”

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Concourse Labs Unique Policy Architecture

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Supports Multi-Predicate Policies

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Accessible to Security, Risk and Compliance Teams

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Automates Complex Enterprise Standards

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