One Policy Architecture

Eliminate Visibility Gaps with Unified Policy Architecture

Concourse Labs is built on a single policy architecture that gives you complete control of risks early — within development and continuously at runtime. With Concourse Labs, your team can eliminate visibility gaps with one policy architecture that spans the entire cloud application lifecycle.

Concourse Labs Policy Dashboard
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Reliably enforce risk objectives

Traditional infrastructure-as-code solutions are highly-fragmented and immature — only covering part of the lifecycle, with exceedingly slim control coverage.

Concourse Labs’ one policy architecture empowers you to know every developer on every application team, during every sprint, is applying the latest controls automatically and assures risk objectives are being enforced at every stage of the cloud application lifecycle.

Ensure the Right Response to Every Risk

Complete Control of Risks

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Build context-aware policies that ensure the right controls are enforced to meet the specific needs of their function and identify high-risk vectors affecting the business.

Automated Control Coverage

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Concourse Labs’ one policy architecture provides the most advanced environment for centrally managing and auditing policies, controls and permissions.

Continuously Detect at Runtime

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Concourse Labs’ agentless technology continually evaluates cloud usage to detect drift from security blueprints in runtime, throughout the entire lifecycle.

Concourse Labs allowed us to avoid hiring approximately 20 security engineers we would have needed to keep up with our cloud development pipeline.

— VP Technology Strategy, Fortune 50 Company

Why One Policy Architecture?

Ensure the right response to every risk, automatically.
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Increase cloud security by

30 times

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Reduce security exposure time by


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Implement cloud security best practices in


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Leave fragmented solutions in the past

See Concourse Labs’ One Policy Architecture in action.