Lifecycle Management

Maintain visibility and control across the full cloud policy lifecycle

Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) can make development faster and easier, but getting a handle on the development lifecycle used to mean slowing it down. No longer.

Concourse Labs allows your development team to innovate at speed in dev and test and apply rigorous, dynamic policies in production as the application’s governance and environment changes. That keeps them happy and security and compliance satisfied through the full continuous integration and continuous deployment development (CI/CD) lifecycle and beyond.

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Beyond Build. Test. Merge. Control your Lifecycle

Concourse Labs automatically tests code in development against your policies and applies the correct context to the appropriate stage and environment. And when code is in production, Concourse Labs continuously evaluates for any changes in business context or application settings to avoid risk due to configuration drift.

Drift Happens,

But not with Concourse Labs.

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Validate Complex Infrastructure-as-Code

Ensure your IaC is compliant and sound at every stage of its lifecycle without needing to manually review every line.

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Stop Non-Compliant Code, not Innovation

Concourse Labs prevents mistakes and misconfigurations from making it to production, but allows your development teams to deploy compliant code with ease.

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Enable Self-Service Remediation

Remove security as a bottleneck and automatically assign violations to the appropriate developer or team with clear support information on what and how to remediate.

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Expand and Scale Your Policy Set

Add new policies as your business changes and apply them automatically to your development pipeline and live environments.

Make Peace Between Dev and Security Teams

Concourse Labs allowed us to avoid hiring approximately 20 security engineers we would have needed to keep up with our cloud development pipeline.

— VP Technology Strategy, Fortune 50 Company

Why Concourse Labs for Lifecycle Management?

Innovate freely and apply changes dynamically with the assurance of Security-as-Code.
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Apply different policy depending on the environment and the business context of your applications.

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Provide guardrails, not speed bumps, to your developers.

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Gain instant visibility into misconfigurations and mistakes or apply “what-if?” policy to see which governance changes may affect compliance.

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View your cloud at every stage of the CI/CD pipeline, and beyond

See how Concourse Labs’ contributes to speedy, secure lifecycle management.