Cloud Policy by Context

Apply the right controls to the right systems with the right context

Cloud policy automation is impossible unless the platform you use applies the right policy controls for the time, place, and systems or data affected.

If your sandbox or development databases are not governed by HIPPA or PCI, for example, applying stringent controls wastes development time and valuable resources. But if you lower your control level in the name of efficiency, that could leave production exposed. Neither of which makes good security or business sense.

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Without Application of Business Context, Policy Automation Fails at Enterprise Scale.

And, according to Gartner, through 2025, 90% of organizations that fail to control public cloud use will inappropriately share sensitive data.

Concourse Labs allows dynamic creation, validation of granular security policies through Security-as-Code. To ensure only the appropriate controls are applied, we have built our platform on the foundation of Surfaces.

Surfaces and Surface Layers

Mirror Governance to Organizational Structure

Surface Violations screen

Represent your organization logically and align to your cloud environments and resources. Establish governance by:

  • Business Unit
  • Function
  • Geography
  • Custom Groups

Create Policies Based on Business Risk

Stage View screen

Apply governance to each surface layer by the type of regulatory control or risk faced. Understand the geographic governance differences or business unit risk exposures within their unique context.

Simplify Governance into Smaller Realms

CSA CCM catalog screen

Filter out irrelevant alerts and issues by applying only the policies relevant for each surface and cloud asset under their control. This allows you to quickly triage and assign policy violations to the responsible group for faster remediation.

Context is King for Concourse Labs Users

Concourse Labs allowed us to avoid hiring approximately 20 security engineers we would have needed to keep up with our cloud development pipeline.

— VP Technology Strategy, Fortune 50 Company

Why Surface and Surface Layer Context?

Save time and resources in policy creation, implementation, and remediation.
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Maintain policy separation between regulated and non-regulated environments and data.

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Assign remediation responsibility to those with actual business risk responsibility.

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Trace back inheritance of policies and better streamline environments and business structure.

Automated Control Coverage Icon

View your cloud through a true business context.

See Concourse Labs’ surfaces and layers in action.