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Understand and control the risk developers are creating.

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Rapidly detecting and remediating security risks across cloud environments with existing infrastructure-as-code tools is exceedingly difficult.

Legacy tools only cover part of the lifecycle, and their control coverage is limited.
Concourse Labs’ Security-as-Code platform makes it easy to embed security into every stage of the cloud ecosystem.

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Create, Manage and Remediate Automatically

Existing infrastructure-as-code scanning tools are immature and leave organizations highly vulnerable to cloud breaches. With Concourse Labs’ Security-as-Code platform, your organization can gain comprehensive visibility and control of cloud security and compliance risk, at cloud speed.

Prioritize and Automate Cloud Security

Deploy applications and infrastructure to secure, resilient, and regulatory compliant cloud environments. Prevent exposure, prioritize high-risk violations and achieve cloud security automation at scale.

Enforce Security & Protect Environments

Prioritize Cloud Risk & Eliminate Alert Fatigue

Automate Cloud Security

Enforce Security & Protect Environments

Platform abstraction

Empower developers to deliver code rapidly and safely with immediate and specific cloud-native guidance. Uncover violations and substantially shrink the exposure window, while getting actionable results.

Prioritize Cloud Risk & Eliminate Alert Fatigue

Platform abstraction

Eliminate false positives, prioritize high-risk violations and reduce risk exposure by enabling CISOs to delegate policy development and remediation while maintaining control and ensuring transparency across the enterprise.

Automate Cloud Security

Platform abstraction

Achieve true cloud security automation by expressing control objectives and policy as code without having to write code. Concourse Labs enables security and compliance teams to keep pace with DevOps practices while enabling security practitioners to create and maintain custom policies without becoming cloud experts.

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Rapid Deployment and Immediate Value

See how Concourse Labs protects, prioritizes and automates your enterprise’s cloud security within 24 hours by watching our pre-recorded demos.

Concourse Labs Cloud Control Benefits

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Comprehensive Visibility

Gain complete visibility of all cloud asset usage and state, sourced directly from cloud service providers.

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Delegate Remediation

Automatically assign every risk to an owner and centrally track its remediation, while providing enterprise-wide visibility.

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Unify Multi-Cloud Security

 Increase security effectiveness with a single solution that unifies all cloud assets and governs them with universal policies.
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Prove Compliance

Obtain a clear and auditable report of the state of security and regulatory compliance for every resource, on every cloud, at any point in time.

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Accelerate Risk Investigation

Automate security investigation and remediation workflows with direct API level integrations into a variety of services and applications.

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Know and Control Cloud Risk

Spend more time innovating and less time fixing security-related issues.

  • Remove the fear of not knowing the risk that cloud developers are creating.
  • Have zero doubts when affirming your cloud risk posture to your board and regulators.
  • Don’t compromise on security or risk management for the sake of innovation or vice-versa.
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