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Integrate Automated Security Reviews into CI/CD Pipelines to Speed Delivery.

Traditionally, developers have predominantly relied on manual processes and reviews that slow the team down and take weeks or months to complete. Concourse Labs automates and transforms these processes into agile, automated workstreams – removing the friction between developers and security teams.

Innovate Without Security Friction

Keep security happy while you maintain your development flow and always deploy into secure and compliant environments.

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Shorten Cloud Security Reviews

Concourse Labs shortens the review time to seconds and gives developers specific remediation guidance when violations are found.

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Remove Cloud Security Friction

Concourse Labs instantiates security and control objectives in code, resulting in developers working unimpeded by manual security reviews.

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Secure the Cloud via a Better Experience

Concourse Labs’s native API integration of policies into popular CI/CD tools creates seamless security and compliance guardrails.

Deliver code that’s compliant with any security standard…

Preventing Risks and Detecting Violations

Easily deploy security policy collections aligned with security controls, find policy violations with remediation guidance, while eliminating manual security reviews with Concourse Labs.

Deliver Compliant Code Without Being a Security Expert

Get Automated Security Guardrails

Separate Policy and Application Lifecycles

Know Infrastructure is Secure Prior to Release

Get Actionable Guidance

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Build cloud applications and deliver compliant infrastructure code with ease, without being a security expert.
Concourse Labs Control Framework Dashboard

Spend more time coding and zero time trying to determine which industry standard or internal control compliance policies to check — prior to code being committed.

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Manage and evolve policies independent of the code to ensure cloud risk assessments automatically keep pace with new threat vectors and regulatory compliance changes, without changing the code.

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Accelerate secure application delivery with automated valuation of complex infrastructure-as-code templates. Eliminate dangerous misconfigurations hiding below the root stack, within nested or parent stacks, and ensure delivery of compliant Infrastructure-as-Code (IAC).

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Developers are notified of policy violations and given specific remediation guidance. Remediation code is automatically re-tested. Developers spend more time innovating and less time seeking help and approvals from security teams.

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