Concourse Labs Now Available in AWS Marketplace to Accelerate Public Cloud Safety

Now organizations can see, fix, and prevent cloud risk automatically.

New York, NY – June 10, 2021 – Concourse Labs, an innovator in automated cloud governance, today announced its groundbreaking SaaS is available in AWS Marketplace, providing an additional layer of protection for Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) users and allowing them to rapidly and comprehensively see, fix, and prevent cloud risks to avoid data loss, security breaches, service interruptions, and regulatory compliance violations.

With Concourse, enterprises can see all their cloud usage, immediately identify risks, and track remediation. Concourse is designed to prevent risky applications from being deployed to cloud, integrating seamlessly into current CI/CD tools and processes. It also continuously monitors cloud usage to spot attack, drift or misconfiguration, alerting application owners and security teams to take immediate corrective action. Concourse lets enterprises innovate at the speed of cloud, safely and reliably.

Concourse eliminates blind spots often created by earlier generation cloud security tools. Unlike CSPM tools, Concourse also tackles resiliency and reliability risks. Users of legacy cloud security tools typically find hundreds, sometimes thousands, of previously unknown risks within their first day using Concourse.

Concourse comes with a comprehensive set of policies that immediately let enterprises assess their risk against best-in-class practices and standards. It also enables customers to customize policies or create their own, with the industry’s most comprehensive policy-as-code system with automated policy lifecycle management. Policies are versioned, changes are auditable and can be tested against historical cloud usage to ensure efficacy and avoid unexpected side-effects.

“Making our solution available in AWS Marketplace means enterprises can easily access our solution and state with confidence they know their cloud risk and are managing it effectively,” said Tamara McCarthy, Vice President, Strategic Alliances at Concourse. “No one wants to end up in the headlines for the wrong reasons. We are thrilled to work with AWS to allow organizations to safely and confidently scale their use of public cloud.”

AWS Marketplace simplifies enterprise adoption of innovative technologies like Concourse with a simplified procurement experience. AWS customers can consolidate their software and services purchases all in one place on their AWS statement, instead of purchasing directly from numerous ISVs. Customers can also take advantage of the AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) and get preferred pricing on Concourse Labs, based on their annual AWS spend.


About Concourse Labs

Concourse Labs automated cloud governance solutions uniquely help organizations manage cloud risk, so they can confidently accelerate cloud adoption at scale. We provide a fully integrated set of capabilities to continuously monitor cloud usage, manage policies, assess, and remediate risk, and demonstrate compliance. Our team of industry luminaries has been hands-on building, operating, and advising large-scale mission-critical public cloud initiatives since its inception. For more information, visit