Concourse Labs Named to the Enterprise Security Tech Cyber Top 20 List

New York, June 21, 2022 – Concourse Labs today announced that is has been named to the Enterprise Security Tech Cyber Top 20 List.

The Enterprise Security Tech Cyber Top 20 list recognizes the top cybersecurity companies providing the most value to the market based on technical product/service innovation, industry analyst recognition, customer testimony, diversity and inclusion initiatives, talent development initiatives, and give back to the cyber community.

Concourse Labs enables customers to gain visibility and control of cloud risks within 24 hours of connecting its solution. With Concourse, security teams immediately gain visibility and control of cloud vulnerabilities, and the ability to automatically apply standards uniformly across DevOps toolchains and running clouds, while cloud developers deliver secure and compliant code, without impacting their experience or their delivery speed. Concourse also enables risk leaders to eliminate human error and compliance ambiguity with an authoritative record based on validating evidence, that’s automatically and continuously collected.

“The move to cloud is accelerating, driven by the twin demands of digital transformation and cost reduction. Yet companies still struggle to understand and control cloud data leakage and other fundamental security and compliance risks. Concourse solves this dilemma, using advanced automation and analysis to provide immediate and comprehensive visibility and control of cloud risks, enabling companies to move to cloud rapidly and securely,” said Scott Crenshaw, CEO of Concourse Labs.

“The cybersecurity industry is going through an evolution right now,” said Jack Campbell, Editor, Enterprise Security Tech. “The threat landscape is growing at a faster pace than organizations can keep up with – so companies need innovative tools and services that leverage automation and simplification to combat threats at scale. We’re honored to be able to recognize these leaders for the value that they are bringing to the market and their contributions to the fight against cyber threats.”

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About Concourse Labs

Concourse Labs prevents the leading cause of cloud data breaches, by ensuring that all cloud services are configured securely, both in development and at runtime. As the innovator in Security-as-Code, Concourse automatically validates the security of infrastructure-as-code, and instantly identifies real-time cloud services threats due to drift, attack, and misuse.

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