Concourse Labs and Stone Door Group Partner to Bring the Benefits of Security as Code and Red Hat Ansible to DevSecOps

New York, July 11, 2023Concourse Labs and Stone Door Group (SDG) announce the release of Security as Code Ansible Accelerator, a DevSecOps solution that integrates Red Hat Ansible and Concourse Labs to enable IT teams to create and apply Security-as-Code policies to their Infrastructure as code (IaC) automation pipelines.

Many IT organizations find little synergy between automation and policy compliance tools. The automation system deploys and manages IaC while policy compliance tools scan hours, days, or weeks after the fact. This time gap increases both the attack surface and duration of systems in a compromised state, creating unthinkable security incidents, like ransomware attacks, for IT stakeholders. Recently, hackers have found ways to insert compromised code into the automation backplane itself and turn trusted systems into distribution networks for their malware.

The Security as Code Ansible Accelerator connects automation and policy compliance by deploying a secure automation reference architecture with best of breed Red Hat Ansible and Concourse Labs. “The solution prevents malicious Infrastructure as Code configurations from executing in automation pipelines and continuously monitors for policy violations in deployed infrastructure,” said J Ram, CISO and Co-Founder of Concourse Labs. “With this solution, clients can decrease the risk of a broad based multi system ransomware attack, increase the security of their software supply chain, and ensure in real time that infrastructure is compliant with security policies.”

“We’re excited to partner with Concourse Labs. Customers are very concerned about ransomware and they’re looking for more sophisticated security controls to apply to provisioning workflows,” said Darren Hoch, President Stone Door Group. “Concourse Labs’ Security as Code platform integrates seamlessly into Red Hat Ansible, preventing potential security incidents before they happen, making this a valuable bundle we can easily position with our customers.”

Security as Code Accelerator is a turnkey solution that provides the software, certified implementation services, and integration templates to integrate Security as Code into an automation backplane as part of a broader DevSecOs strategy, significantly reducing the attack surface for ransomware and providing IT stakeholders assurances that their systems remain compliant.

About Concourse Labs
Concourse Labs® enables automated build-time and runtime security policy evaluation on all major clouds, cloud-native application infrastructure, and Infrastructure As Code (IaC) technologies such as Terraform®, Kubernetes®, OpenShift®, and Ansible®. With comprehensive bundled policy based on industry standards and easy-to-use policy creation, Concourse Labs enables clients to automate security checks at every stage of the application lifecycle, from development pipeline through runtime. For more information about Concourse Labs products and services, contact [email protected].

About Stone Door Group LLC
Stone Door Group® is a Red Hat Premier partner that helps to modernize digital enterprises through skilled cloud, automation, and DevOps professional services. They make it easy to digitally transform organizations and provide certified consultants and instructors to deliver projects on time effectively and efficiently. In addition to intelligent automation services that increase site reliability and uptime, SDG provides fully-integrated software, consulting, and training support to close the skills gap required to launch new digital native cloud initiatives.

Renee Briggs
Head of Product Marketing
Stone Door Group

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