Senior DevOps and Release Engineer

Engineering Remote

Position Type: Full-time Employee

Reports to: Dir of Release Engineering

The DevOps Engineer is a member of the engineering staff accountable for designing and implementing the defined tactics for CI and CD platform operations. The pipeline engineer works closely with:

  • Scrum teams to design, standardize, and automate their development and test workflows;
  • Site-reliability engineers to, implementing tactics to improve consistency, speed, and quality of delivery; and
  • Operations staff, to improve maintainability and observability of software in operation, particularly as it pertains to visibility into NFRs and root cause analysis.

The DevOps Engineer actively seeks opportunities to identify delivery and monitoring challenges and designs and implements delivery pipeline tactics to address them. They then measure and spread improvements. Specific target areas of measurement include the DORA metrics.

Qualifications and Experience

    • Collaborative - successful pipeline engineers will:
      • Foster and leverage relationships with development pod leads, SREs, and QA;
      • Cross departmental lines, communicate plans, build consensus, and enroll others in their programs; and
      • Balance the need for standardization and automation with engineer freedom to self-service and innovate.
  • Aspiring toward “SW-Defined” & “Self-service” Ideal - pipeline engineers will:
    • Implement the SDL as toolchain process and automation;
    • Aggressively convert all build, test, and packaging workflows to scripts;
    • Choose, implement, and operate SDL governance tools, in data-driven ways; and
    • Always seek a means of continuous, sw-defined delivery.

Sourcing, Keywords

Strong, qualified candidates will have the following experience.

  • Strong experience with containers, their creation, and orchestration
    • Containers: Docker
    • Orchestration: Kubernetes (K8s), Nomad, Rancher, CoreOS;
  • Service mesh orchestration:, Kong
    • Obsessive focus on IT automation and SW-defined CI/CD:
      • Automation (Ansible, Terraform, Chef, Puppet, CloudFormation)
      • Secrets management: Vault
  • Cloud-native development experience:
    • CSP management and use (AWS, EKS, Azure, AKS, GCP, GKE)
    • CI/CD pipeline platform use (GitHub, GitLab, CircleCI, Jenkins)
  • Comfort and direct experience with monitoring, measurement, and dashboarding:
    • APM: Grafana, NewRelic, Automation, DataDog
    • Log management: Prometheus, Splunk

Qualifications and Experience

  • Self-managing – successful DevOps engineers will:
    • Identify problems and proactively build backlog of remediating tactics;
    • Implement pipeline, delivery, and operations platforms; and
    • Use measurement to define sprint/-release objectives.
  • Proactively Collaborating – successful DevOps engineers will:
    • Program manage multi-sprint build-out efforts spanning development and ops;
    • Research and identify solutions to team idiosyncrasies while standardizing technology stacks as well as delivery platforms; and
  • Technically Curious – successful DevOps engineers will:
    • Explore new tools and technologies and propose adoption plan; and
    • Monitor, conduct exploratory debugging, and report.
  • Fixated on automation, visibility – successful DevOps engineers will:
    • Aggressively automate aspects of build, packaging, test, and delivery; and
    • Assure monitoring and alerts with an eye towards identifying responsible parties and root cause.

First Twelve Months

The DevOps Engineer will, within the first twelve months, be responsible for:

  • Leading tactical initiatives to containerize and automate all release processes at Concourse
  • Ensure code quality, security and correctness via continuous integration processes
  • Secure sensitive data and secrets via standardized platform (e.g. Vault)

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