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About Concourse

Concourse is a New York based software company specializing in next generation public cloud management services.

Concourse’s mission is to accelerate enterprises’ usage and adoption of cloud service providers by providing robust, automated, and scalable cloud management and governance services through software and code.

Founded by Goldman Sachs, Google, and Amazon technology leaders, Concourse is a New York-based software startup that modernizes cloud security and cloud governance for our industry-leading clients and customers

We are looking for talented backend engineers that may fulfill the following:

Position Type: Full-time Employee

Reports to: VP Engineering

The Backend Engineer is a member of the engineering staff responsible for helping implement, test, and maintain application, data, and platform capabilities. The Engineer works closely with:

  • Frontend team peers co-designing/-authoring APIs that serve as the backing for both responsive platform UI/UX and intuitive, self-service ‘headless’ customer use;
  • Product Management to formalize approach to customer requests;
  • Architects and Technical Leads to translate approach and design into concrete solutions, then implements those tactics; as well as
  • Release- and Site-Reliability Engineering to understand the deployment and operation of the platform, and increase visibility into its operation.

The scope of Backend Engineer work includes ingestion of customer and other 3rd party data, both static and operational in nature; design and execution of scalable policy checking; customer and ecosystem data modeling and persistence; as well as the computation, storage, measurement, presentation and customer query associated with analytics and reporting.

Qualifications and Experience

    • Self-managing – successful Backend Engineers will:
      • Conduct IR&D into concrete solutions to product enhancement requests and technical direction;
      • Proactively help evaluate and select technologies; and
      • Accurately estimate and deliver requested stories and tasks.
    • Own Quality and Delivery – successful Backend Engineers will:
      • Seek to master key programming languages, databases, and services used;
      • Program defensively, for CI/CD, and facilitated sw-orchestrated delivery; as well as
      • Test their own software and review that of their peers.
    • Cross train – successful Backend Engineers will:
      • Seek an working knowledge of the build, packaging, and deployment of their software;
      • Appreciate consumption and use of their backing services as UI/UX and API;
      • Seek to understand and participate in the development of measurement, analytics, and reporting of platform telemetry;
  • Create Scale in Delivery - successful Engineers will implement solutions that:
    • Allow customers to self-service policy authorship, test, and refinement
    • Support cloud and orchestration platforms without onerous effort.

Sourcing Keywords

Strong and qualified candidates will likely have experience and skill with many of the following:

  • Strong database experience, through actual information-architecture planning and use:
    • SQL (query literacy, Athena);
    • Relational database (e.g. Postgres, CitusDB, Oracle) setup and administration;
    • Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) packages (e.g. DRILL, Hibernate, Spring); as well as
    • NoSQL and big-data stores (HBase, Hadoop, AWS EMR) and Graph databasing (ArangoDB, Neo4J).
  • Strong application backend development, both stateful services and stream processing:
    • JVM-target development (JEE, Java8, SpringBoot, Scala)
    • Python 3.x development (Django, Flask)
    • AWS Lambda (Fargate)
    • Microservice or “API-first” design (GRPC, REST)
    • ETL Pipelines (Databricks, Pandas, Airflow)
  • Comfort through direct experience in cloud-native programming:
    • Containers and container orchestration (k8s, kubernetes,, Kong, docker)
    • CSP management and use (AWS, EKS, Azure, AKS, GCP, GKE)

About the Application Process

In the application box, please introduce yourself with a 50-words-or-less note and enclose a resume and/or any links to your LinkedIn, Github, or other online presence that would be helpful for us to get to know you and what you can bring to our team.

No recruiters, headhunters, nor agents — Principals only.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

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