Making the cloud work for you.

Move business-critical data and applications to the public cloud with zero cost

Large companies are diverse and complex with potentially thousands of applications. It’s not reasonable or necessary to re-write all of them for the public cloud. We know that business moves in quarters, not decades. There needs to be a better way.

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Enterprise Native approach enabling public cloud adoption at scale

Concourse makes the cloud work for the enterprise by decoupling policy and governance from both the application and underlying infrastructure. We provide the management layer for business-critical applications and data that is cloud and framework neutral, addressing the heterogeneous needs of financial institutions and other heavily regulated industries.

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Hybrid, multi-cloud management

Our platform provides a consistent enterprise management and control framework for all of your digital assets. Instead of throwing money and people at the negative side effects of cloud scale, we help automate workflow, compliance, and insecure tasks across your entire business.

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Automate business policies for DevSecOps teams

Concourse offers version control with a friendly interface supporting automation, verification, and self-documentation of policies, controls, and audit records. We provide the framework to empower your shift-left movement, while simultaneously reducing risk, increasing transparency, and encoding consistency.

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End-to-end governance of your digital business

We understand the complexities of the enterprise. Hiding within any large organization are hundreds of unique businesses, thousands of applications, and myriad policy objectives all managed by countless people. Concourse helps localize decision-making to the specific business context, reducing the need for manual coordination and mitigating the friction of bureaucracy.

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