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Move fast and develop securely with cloud Security-as-Code

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Command your cloud

Concourse Labs’ Cloud Security-as-Code platform helps organizations shift left with immediate visibility and protection of development pipelines, while monitoring cloud usage in real-time.

Our superpower is the ability to enable organizations to deploy applications and infrastructure to secure, resilient, and regulatory compliant cloud environments — in real time.

Get and keep developers compliant with controls and policy. Help security stay agile to support the business and sleep soundly.

Move away from point-in-time security snapshots or human-dependent security checklists to persistently secure, auditable processes and environments.

Eliminate visibility and workflow gaps.

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Unify policy, controls and live visibility across your entire cloud infrastructure, regardless of environment, and benchmark instantly as risk surfaces shift.

Deploy rich policies that work in the real world.

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Concourse Labs Security-as-Code enables you to automate the testing and enforcement of security-rich policies and apply them rationally — to slow down mistakes and speed up innovation.

Seamless dev-to-live lifecycle management.

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Get your development and security teams on the same page in a single and familiar version-control pipeline, so you can go from code to cloud without bad content or configurations getting into the wild.


Stop the #1 cause of cloud data breaches — developers!

We’re (half) joking. Developers are sometimes too overloaded, moving too fast, and focused on the goal to be slowed down by security policies. Help them with a unified policy architecture that’s as easy as code, automatic, and has an eye on everything, from dev to runtime.

Cloud confidence-as-code

Our unique Security-as-Code platform approach delivers cloud assurance.

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Immediately measure security posture against industry standards and best practices
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Continuously monitor runtime environments to detect drift that could lead to an attack
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Implement effective, scalable, and verifiable cloud security in days, not months

Easily automate and author complex standards.

Gain visibility and assert control over cloud risk and prevent bogging down development in a scalable, reliable way. Concourse Labs allows you to author complex enterprise standards as automatable policies, and deploy them where it makes sense.

Empower developers with automation

Sophisticated, interconnected controls

Always-on and synced

Automate cloud governance

Runtime web application protection

Secure cloud migrations

Empower developers with automation

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Prevent non-compliant code from ever being deployed. Automatically apply policy to development toolchains and empower developers to self-service the validation of their code.

Sophisticated, interconnected controls

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Allow security and risk teams to author sophisticated controls to automatically identify risk across interconnected cloud services.

Always-on and synced

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Rapidly adapt controls as clouds, cloud usage and risk requirements change.

Automate cloud governance

AIS-01A and DSI-03 boxes with status and specifications

Ensure that every application is automatically validated against every requirement and standard.

Runtime web application protection

Box of Investment Bank type and status

Rest easy knowing policies are always checked at runtime to prevent drift or rogue development.

Secure cloud migrations

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Move from one cloud or environment to another quickly and seamlessly with a unified policy architecture.

1,000sof ready-to-deploy policies

From the latest standards to industry-leading frameworks, we have everything you need to get started or instantly benchmark and adapt to shifting risks with ease.

Benefits of Security-as-Code cloud control

Modular and designed for agility and change
Gain comprehensive visibility into status and changes
Delegate remediation to front-line experts
Prove compliance in every moment
Unify multi-cloud security and risk management
Accelerate risk investigation and remediation workflows

Concourse Labs allowed us to avoid hiring approximately 20 security engineers we would have needed to keep up with our cloud development pipeline.

— VP Technology Strategy, Fortune 50 Company

Save precious time and money

saved annually


Don’t make your staff do more with less. Help them be more efficient, with less burden.

lower audit costs


Eliminate manual reviews. Instantly view your cloud through a library of complex code-based policies.

From months to moments

Slash your security review time, and deploy more secure code, without dead time.

Innovate more. Risk less.

Why Concourse Labs?

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Continuously control cloud risk

  • Customize policies and controls without writing code or being a cloud expert
  • Eliminate alert fatigue with personalized burndown lists
  • Uncover dangerous risks hidden within complex infrastructure-as-code files
  • Continuously audit clouds for drift, cyberattack, and misuse
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Spend more time innovating

  • Shorten cloud application security reviews from weeks to seconds
  • Get exact remediation guidance for self-servicing security violations fast
  • Apply preset security guardrails integrated within the CI/CD pipeline
  • Prevent mistakes and misconfigurations from becoming news

Leading cloud security for industry leaders.

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Visibility and control of your cloud risk in hours.

Concourse Labs Security-as-Code enables organizations to see, evaluate, and assign remediation responsibility of cloud risks automatically in just 24 hours of deployment! 

A major financial services institution saved hiring new security personnel by automating security evaluations and reported 1,000%+ ROI within months of implementing Concourse Labs.

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Take charge of your cloud security.

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Schedule a live demo with a cloud security expert.

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