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See Cloud Usage and Risk Everywhere

You can’t control what you can’t see. Concourse gives immediate and continuous visibility of all cloud usage across the entire enterprise. Across clouds. Uniquely organized around risk surfaces, so you can quickly spot the signal from the noise.

Eliminate visibility gaps, and view risk by geography, business unit, application and more.
Get immediate actionable details of every cloud risk, tracked to its owner.
Communicate risk exposure and prove compliance with detailed audit reports.

Fix Cloud Risks Rapidly

Dramatically reduce the time to correct cloud risks. Concourse pinpoints the root cause of each risk, specifying the code and configuration that needs to be corrected so developers can immediately fix non-compliant applications.

Delegate remediation responsibility with full traceability, and monitor the backlog and progress by leader, group, application and cloud. Focus attention and resources on the groups with the greatest risk. All the while understanding your risk posture across the entire enterprise.

Reduce vulnerability windows from weeks or months to


Liberate your developers to move at cloud speed, while controlling risk through intelligence and automation.

Prevent Risk at the Source

The best way to reduce cloud risk is to stop non-compliant applications from being deployed in the first place. Concourse integrates into your existing CI/CD toolchain to automatically test and validate application releases before they get into production.

Rapid ROI Starting Day One

Customers typically identify hundreds of previously unknown risks within the first 24 hours of using Concourse, overcoming the limitations of their current tools. Remediation starts immediately, and preventative controls can be up and protecting in less than a month.

See it in a day

Fix it in a week

Prevent it in a month


saved annually by automating release validation instead of hiring additional security analysts


saved annually by automating discovery for audits

Eliminate Your Gaps

Concourse protects against the most comprehensive range of cloud risks and integrates with the tools you’re using today.


  • Security and data loss
  • Business resiliency
  • Application performance
  • Regulatory risk
  • Third-party and supply chain risk


  • Security
  • DevOps
  • CI/CD
  • Identity management
  • Workflow Management

Built by Cloud Pioneers

Leaders from the forefront of the cloud industry are driving Concourse. Coming from firms including Goldman Sachs, Red Hat, Rackspace, Amazon and Google, we have been trailblazing the move of large enterprises to cloud from the beginning. Take a look at our backgrounds, and imagine how our experience can help you achieve successful digital transformation. Rapidly, safely and with assurance.

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